Eagle Collegiate Academy will empower students to become self-confident, egalitarian and authentic global citizens prepared for 21st century careers and responsibilities. 

  • ECA encourages each student to develop talents and interests as an independent-minded person among a diverse body of students, parents and faculty who together embark on a continuous lifelong learning process.

  • Students will participate in a rigorous, college preparatory program that is characterized by low student-teacher ratios, an extended day for academic enrichment, frequent assessments to monitor student progress, and a series of intensive interventions that are focused on quickly accelerating the learning of scholars who are performing far below grade level. 

  • ECA will use data-driven differentiated personalized instruction and innovative curriculum to ensure that students experience the discipline and excitement of academics, the pride of developing personal character and integrity, the creative opportunities provided by the arts and extracurricular activities, the rigor and pleasure of athletics, and an awareness of, respect for and involvement with the community in which they live which allows them to graduate college and career ready with a deep understanding of the relationships among disciplines.

Core Values

ECA will implement these unifying core values that are embedded in the fabric of our instructional program:

  • Scholarship

  • Community

  • Equity and Access

  • Integrity



ECA will accomplish its mission through the following best practices:

  • Rigorous College Preparatory Emphasis

  • International Baccalaureate Programs

    • ECA plans to become an International Baccalaureate (IB) school offering the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) and the Diploma Program. The holistic IB rigorous approach to instruction that focuses on learners ensures that students make practical connections between their lessons and the real world.

  • Literacy Competence Builds Life-Long Learners

  • Teacher Common Planning Time and Teaming

    • Adequate common planning time will be provided for teachers to plan, collaborate, share best practices and conduct vertical articulation of the skills and activities beginning in preschool that will prepare scholars to be successful in college.

  • Diverse Enrichment Courses and Activities for The Whole Child

    • ECA will offer relevant STEAM enrichment courses and creative extracurricular programs that will develop the innate and acquired talents of our scholars.